Freelance motion designer & animator.

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Hey! I'm Ben

I create short audiovisual experiences that demand attention. Crafting powerful motion graphics that deliver your message with energy and emotion. I work with future thinkers. People who know a brand is more than just a few colours and a typeface. People who want to push the limit and smash their goals. Design isn't always about how it looks. It's about how well it does its job.

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I need your help. Together we can set the objective, share ideas and create a video that performs.


Don't follow the crowd for the sake of it. Be bold. Follow our own voices and create something that truly reflects that passion and emotion.


Being brave doesn't mean we can forget about the purpose of the video. We need to stay focused on the goal. It's about finding the balance between getting attention and getting engament.

My Process

Planning &

Working with you and your objectives to outline the animation, making sure it's visually stunning whilst conveying your message with impact. Planning transitions, assets and moodboards, all helps give you a sense of flow and emotion from an early stage.


Before animating I have to curate, edit or create any assets required. This includes 3D models, textures, footage etc.

Animation &
Sound Design

Creating an engaging animation that oozes impact and demands attention, combined with finding and editing the perfect track whilst mixing and layering sound effects, creates the perfect audio visual experience.


Now almost all social media platforms are autoplaying and looping video it's more eye catching than ever. It allows your posts to gain more attention whilst showing your brand personality.


With visual data being processed 60,000x faster than text, it's no wonder these hyper engaging graphics are outperforming static graphics in almost every category.


Static websites are a thing of the past. Take advantage of robust web technologies to bring your site to life and create an engaging experience for your audience.

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