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Hey! I'm Ben

I'm a freelance motion designer and animator. I create short audiovisual experiences that demand attention. Crafting powerful motion graphics that deliver your message with energy and emotion. I work with future thinkers. People who know a brand is more than just a few colours and a typeface. People who want to push the limit and smash their goals.

Design isn't always about how it looks. It's about how well it does its job. Together we can set the objective, share ideas and create a video that performs. Don't follow the crowd for the sake of it. Be brave. Follow our own voices and create something that truly reflects that passion and emotion. Being brave doesn't mean we can forget about the purpose of the video. We need to stay focused on the goal. It's about finding the balance between getting attention and getting engagement.

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Take your videos to the next level with bespoke titles, overlays and scenes. I work with you to use motion graphics to empower your videos by using them to drive the story, keep viewers engaged and help explain complex ideologies.

"You are a ledge. Thanks so much. I genuinely can't be more grateful."

DJW Films


Grab attention and keep it by using video to help convert leads in all stages of the marketing funnel. From paid advertising to explainer videos on landing pages, video can be used by both marketers and sales to increase conversion.

"Just had the final feedback for the video and you'll be pleased to hear that they love it! In fact the whole board of Directors at Renault Retail Group are very impressed with it."

Renault Retail Group


Need a helping hand with an overflow of projects? Or looking to expand and offer motion design to your clients? I can help! I am confidant designing a range of styles and can work with your team or alone to craft motion graphics your clients will love.

"Working with Ben has allowed us to expand our range of services without expanding our team. Responsive and great to work with, Ben continuous to deliver creative input and compelling results we're proud to share with our clients."

Kevin - Creative Director

Drop me a line at ben@ben-newton.co.uk or follow me on Instagram.