Hi, I'm Ben, a freelance motion designer & animator.

I work with agencies, studios and freelancers allowing them to offer motion design services to thier clients. I also work directly with companies creating motion graphics that hit objectives and smash targets.

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My marketing background means we talk the same language when it comes to creating campaign assets and understanding your business goals.

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I believe in creating quality work and finding the best solution together. I value a strong working relationship and will go above and beyond to make engaging motion graphics that meet your requirements.

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But hey, I like to have fun too! I love a good laugh and don’t take myself too seriously which actually helps boost creativity.

Check out my latest showreels.

What you can do with motion.

Motion graphics are a powerful medium to deliver dynamic content to your audience. With visual data being processed 60,000x faster than text, it's no wonder these hyper engaging graphics are outperforming static graphics in almost every category.

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Social Media

With almost all social media platforms now autoplaying and looping video it’s more eye catching than ever. It allows your posts to gain more attention whilst showing your brand personality.

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Product Marketing

A great way to tell your story and promote your products or services with attention grabbing animations.

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User Interfaces

Motion in UI is often overlooked but can dramatically boost the user experience by offering feedback on the current state, help explain actions or just adding a bit of humor and entertainment to the experience.

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Explainer Videos & Infographics

Help explain a complex solution or show the detailed relationship between statistics with the use of an animated explainer video.

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Motion Over Video

Spice up live action video with tooltips, overlays and more to enhance user understanding and engagement.

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Website Graphics & Interactive Content

Create more engaging and immersive experiences with motion graphics and interactive content for the web.

My Happy Customers

"Ben was amazingly professional and his graphics are stunning. Perfect for use for marketing online, thank you so much!"

"Of course I would recommend his services. I was over the moon with the final animation! I look forward to working with Ben again."

"I have been working with Ben for over 5 years and he delivers top quality work with very fast turnaround times. I would recommend Ben for any motion project"

Let's work together!

I'm here to help you smash your targets and work together to create some awesome motion graphics.

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