Hey! - It's Nice To Meet You.

About Me

I'm a freelance motion designer and animator based in Birmingham, UK. I create animations that bring life to your business. Crafting powerful stories within my graphics that delivers your message with emotion. I work with future thinkers. People who know a brand is more than just a few colours and a typeface. People who want to push the limit and smash their goals.

Design isn't always about the visuals. It's about how well it does its job. Together we can set the objective, share ideas and create a graphic design video that performs. Don't follow the crowd for the sake of it. Be brave. Follow our own voices and start creating something that truly reflects that passion and emotion.

Where I Came From

During my third year at university, studying multimedia computing, I got a job as a front end web developer. This is where my journey begins. After a year at the company I was starting to not only create website but design them too which sparked my love for design.

In my next role I was no longer building websites but designing them along with other marketing assets. Here I learnt a huge amount about marketing which took my designs to the next level in terms of strategy and functionality.

After a few years I wanted to push myself to the next thing. I chose to take things into my own hands and go freelance doing the thing I enjoy the most. Animation.

Where I'm Going

I aim to perfect my craft by diving deeper into how to create emotion with motion design. This strengthens my complete animation workflow from strategy to delivery.

I understand that visuals are important but the main goal of an animation is to solve a problem. I want to learn more about how each aspect of the animation process can be targeted towards solving that problem and explore the best ways of using motion in marketing.

I aim to offer a complete digital marketing animation service. From strategy and planning all the way to artwork and animation.