Whilst every project is unique, the methodology is the foundation of the output: Without a purpose, the project cannot achieve results.

Powered By Design Thinking

Thinking beyond the project and into the real world. The animation will be made for real humans living real lives. Exploring the mindset of the viewer, the stage they are at in their journey and engaging them at that precise moment. Thinking about the space around the animation and where the project sits in your marketing landscape.

Focused On The Goal

The animation has one goal. Everything else leads to it. The story, style and movement all pushing the project towards a single objective. The goal aligns our focus and helps us explore the bigger picture. Without a goal the animation will look pretty but won’t perform well and can’t get you the results you’re looking for.

There is confidence in a solid, functional, process that sits behind every project, guiding it to its final result.

Strategy & Art Direction

A solid plan guides the project to success. Without direction and a strategy connected to your wider marketing goals the animation will never get results.

A defined art direction allows everyone to be on the same page and makes sure the overall vibe and feel of the animation matches your objective and message.

Storyboard & Artwork

Crafting a story to deliver your message effectively through animation, the storyboard process allows for quick iteration and exploring complex animation ideas before designing the final artwork.

Creating bespoke graphics to drive the animation towards your goal and truly reflect your brand. From illustrations to 3D models, whatever is needed to match the art direction and your brand.

Animation & Audio

There is making things move and then there is making things feel alive. Giving each element a personality in the way it moves empowers the animation with emotion and let’s the story flow effortlessly. This leads to high viewer engagement and a more effective transfer of information.

Audio is often overlooked but the project falls flat without a balanced mix. Blending any voiceover with background music and sound effects that bring energy to the animation and emphasise the highs and lows of the storytelling.

My approach powers every project. So whatever we create together will be a purpose driven, functioning work of art.

Digital Marketing Animations

This includes social media, advertisements, and web graphics. Whether you offer a product or service, my marketing background lets me not only create the graphics, but helps with planning and distribution.

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Animated Explainer Videos

Explain complex ideas and solutions with motion graphics using abstract representations and character animations to tell your story and educate the viewer.

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Social Media Animations

Grab attention and increase engagement on all social platforms with motion graphics. Push your social media to work harder towards your business goals.

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Branding & Logo Animation

Show more of your brands personality and make a statement with a cohesive suite of animated brand assets you can use across multiple platforms and formats.

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Motion Graphics For Events

Spice up your event, conference or presentation with animation. Show attendees important event information or make your presentation topic easier to understand with motion graphics.

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Animation Strategy

Together, we'll find the real problem and figure out the best way we can smash your goals. Whilst animation is the focus we need to think about the complete user journey in order to get the best results from the project.

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