Introduction: What Is Motion?

Why are motion graphics important?

Motion graphics are important for two reasons: getting viewers attention and telling stories.

Although these aren’t the only two functions for motion graphics, they are key to the existence of these short moving visuals.

If you’ve ever heard the old adage: “a picture is worth a thousand words” - then consider how many words a motion graphic might be. While text and information will always have an important place in websites and marketing, it’s visuals and graphics that catch people’s eyes.

Motion graphics can be bold, shouty, literal, abstract, subtle, modern, trendy, intriguing. They can do whatever you need them to do and can be created to appeal to your audience.

They tell short stories that support and in some cases even replace text on a page or in a social media post or anywhere in the digital world.

Put simply, they can be a powerful way to share messages and stories while grabbing the viewer’s attention.

What do they look like?

Motion graphics are essentially any of the animation or moving visuals you might have seen on a website, in a video, on social media, in training and educational graphics and even on TV.

While animation and short animated gifs are one of the most obvious forms of motion graphics, they extend far beyond just this, and where you might have more regularly come across them is elements of movement of static images on social media platforms or where images have an animated overlay to emphasise information.

Sometimes they’re pretty obvious, such as the animated videos you see on social media channels, other times, they’re pretty subtle, like the slight movement of a UI element that guides the user to do something on a website.

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How do they help with marketing?

Motion graphics are another great way to extend your messaging and align all of your marketing assets. The customisability of animation means the visuals you create can match the message that you’re promoting while aligning perfectly with your brand.

The visual appeal of animation can also help to extend the reach of your messaging as people often share content and graphics that interest them and catch their attention.

In many senses, motion graphics and animation can be thought of in the same way as any marketing campaign visuals, videos and general content. They are another asset that help to support your campaign message and objective.

Simply knowing they are an option for your marketing campaigns is a great starting place as they allow you to explore different options and move away from stock image sites that don’t match the branding you’re trying to build in a campaign.

They allow for added creativity and different ways of thinking with more possibilities of how you can tell your story.

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