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Taking it to the next level

Now that you understand the power of motion graphics and how it can boost your marketing it's time to take it up a notch. You've seen the results and got the itch to create animations that fit your brand.

You have two options: Learn how to do it yourself. Or hire someone who already knows.

Learning motion graphics

NOTE: Designing and developing motion graphics is a skill that some people spend years developing, through university, online courses and hours of experimentation. It’s not to be taken lightly and some animations can take days to create! But, if you’re really set on learning it yourself (it’s an awesome skill to have!), then here are a few tips:

Keep it simple! Start with simple animation elements that help bring a graphic to life and don’t expect to be able to run before you can walk.

Think hard about the message that the graphic is trying to convey and then animate the parts that emphasise the message

Use premade graphic and illustration packs - there is a lot of skill needed to animate illustrations, even more is needed to create the illustrations in the first place. There are some great illustrations online that will help speed up the process.

Take your time. Learning can be a frustrating process, but if you’re going to get motion graphics right, you have to take the time to do it properly. That means sitting there for hours as you carefully create each element layer by layer on Adobe After Effects.

Have fun! Yes, it’s cheesy, but if you’re not having fun doing it, then maybe it’s just not right for you. When you start to become frustrated by the outcome and lose patience, that's when the quality of the work drops and the graphics don’t perform the way they should. Enjoy the creative process and revel in the results of your motion graphics.

If you have Adobe CC you'll already have access to After Effects. This is the industry standard motion graphics software with a steep learning curve but endless possibilities.

It's a long road but you can get started by looking at some the links below:

School Of Motion

Motion Design School

Hire someone

As great as learning a new skill is, sometimes it’s better to get a professional involved. After all, learning to tinker with your taps to stop the dripping is an entirely different skill to fixing a leak that starts in the wall…

To get the best quality graphics that support your marketing efforts and actually perform, I would always recommend hiring a professional, such as myself. I work with you and your team to create the perfect animation for your marketing and business goals.

With years of experience working for a marketing agency, I combine my knowledge of marketing strategy and creative campaign planning with my animation and design skills to create relevant, branded motion graphics that work for your business.

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Tell your story your way

Don’t settle for ‘that’ll do…’ - create something that tells your story.

Turn your key messaging, value statement, benefits, marketing messaging and anything else you have to say into relatable, easy to understand and attention grabbing motion graphics. With the flexibility and creative nature of animation, you can have branded visuals that support everything your business says.

You can create a narrative that tells your story, your way.

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