Using Motion and animation in social media to get more engagement

Social media began as a way to share updates with friends about what you were doing in your life - from posting an image to telling everyone what you had for dinner. It has evolved into something much more valuable - an all-in-one place for social activity, a meme culture, news and media, education and a place for businesses to share ideas and promotion.

As the internet and mobile technology has evolved alongside social media, the different platforms have literally become places for video. Video catches the eye, it improves retention and it’s generally more engaging.

Every key social platform out there is optimised for video including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram etc etc.

In fact, in recent years, video is what they’re pushing with new ideas such as ‘live’ video and ‘stories’. Video on social media is powerful - it’s a captive audience.

Each social media platform also has its own strengths and weaknesses and there are lessons to be learned.

LinkedIn is essentially a ‘social media for business’ platform - people really don’t care what you had for dinner but they do care if you have a new idea or something interesting to say about their industry. It’s also not really known for inspiring imagery - while there is a trend of personal piece-to-camera videos on LinkedIn, the general imagery seems to be stock images. This makes it a GREAT place to share motion graphics as they stand out from the crowd and catch people’s eyes.

Facebook is probably the most personal of the social media platforms that businesses can harness - it’s what I like to think of as a sit back social media - you browse it in the evening, on your commute but not so much in the workplace. This actually gives more opportunity for creativity as you want to stand out and what you share needs to be interesting to capture the audience’s attention.

Twitter is, or at least was, the fastest moving social media platform - depending on the number accounts a person follows, tweets can have a lifespan of minutes, sometimes even seconds, never to be seen again. Videos and animations can help to capture the audience in those seconds and keep them interested beyond the lifespan of the average tweet!

Instagram is one of the harder social media platforms for businesses to crack, simply because it’s a platform built for image sharing (and now video!). Users are inundated with inspirational and interesting images so to catch the eye and keep a user’s attention, you have to do something different. Break up the feed as it were with something that interests them. The quality needs to be high to compete with others posting on the platform and the narrative of the graphics needs to be strong AND relevant!

Each platform has a lot of value in its own right and motion graphics can help businesses break through the clutter and mass of posts to inspire and engage with the audience at hand.

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