Why Marketing With Motion?

Marketing is a fast moving industry - what was important yesterday may not be important tomorrow and the methods of marketing are constantly changing. That said, what isn’t changing is the content we present. Newspaper ads have long used enticing text with an image in the same way that social media marketing today draws people in using similar content.

It’s all about relevance, storytelling and keeping in touch with how your audience consumes their information and content. Digital marketing plays a huge part of the role in today’s society and no matter the type of digital marketing, the same rules apply.

Motion serves as one very important type of content for marketing. As digital real estate only allows for a short attention span, it’s crucial to catch the viewers attention and show them what you’re all about in a matter of seconds.

Images and static visuals were a great starting point, but now consumers expect more and if we’re really honest, the world has become lazy in the way we visualise the stories we tell.

You've probably seen the same stock image on 2 out of every 10 posts you see on social media and every website you visit uses the same ‘business person’ image - sort of trendy, but still very obvious.

Motion graphics aim to move away from this and add something different to the mix. Each graphic can be thought through and planned to show and tell exactly what you want them to.

Benefits of motion

Motion graphics allow you to visualise and create the story you’re trying to tell - in 3-5 seconds of motion, you can say a huge amount more than one image and can visualise hundreds of words.

Motion graphics make boring and complex subjects seem interesting.

Have you ever tried to explain how a kettle works to someone? In theory, it’s not that difficult, however, when writing down the exact process and how a kettle boils water and how it clicks off at the right temperature - it can actually take a lot of words to describe.

Motion graphics can simplify the topic. That’s not to say it dumbs it down, it’s more about the visualisation. Going back to the kettle example, just trying to visualise the different elements as you read about it is difficult - the text needs to literally spell out each individual part of the process. With animation, you have a visual guide to the same information so you only need to display the key details as the visual does the rest.

This idea can then be scaled up to more complicated processes that might otherwise be perceived as boring when reading it as text. From scientific examples through to IT processes through to a how a specific piece of gym equipment works, motion graphics are there to tell the story in a way you couldn’t do just with words on a page.

How motion helps with creativity

Every campaign starts with an idea but as you build the idea out into messaging, audience, content and promotion, you have to consider the different mediums and channels you’re going to use.

Motion graphics serve as a creative, exciting way to showcase your campaign visuals when used on digital platforms. By building motion graphics into your marketing campaign planning, you can think about how motion graphics will help to tell the stories you have in mind, adding a creative edge to your campaigns.

This creative edge can make the campaign more enticing to your audience.

Video is taking over. Don't miss it!

Video continues to play a big part in digital marketing, allowing marketers to expand the story they’re trying to tell.

Now I'm not going to jump on the "by 2025 everything ever made will be video" wagon. But as marketers you can't just sit back and watch. You don't have to dive head first but test the waters, try some out. Have animation in mind as an option when planning. Don't let a great campaign pass you by because you didn't learn about marketing with motion.

90% of consumers say video can help them make buying decisionsSocial Media Today

It's easier than you think to start

Testing new ideas and finding new ways to interact with your audience. Motion graphics are the perfect way to do this. They don’t have to be 15 minute long product demos or interviews - they can be short sharp animations that tell part of the story.

It's not as expensive as you think

A common misconception with motion graphics is that they’re really expensive to commision and create. This doesn’t have to be the case and by working with someone (me) who understands the creative planning process, it’s possible to create great quality motion graphics that tell your story without breaking the bank. It's no more expensive than any other design services and the ROI is definitely worth it.

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