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Brand and logo animation

Branding motion graphics can take many forms, some of the most common are logo animations, animated icons sets and intro videos but can also include animated patterns, characters and presentation graphics. These animated graphics in your branding and logo can help communicate your brands personality and values. They can be useful when creating more digital content and be used on your website, social, other videos etc.

Creating your perfect animated branding

Effective animation within branding enhances your brands personality. They should be easy to distribute across all platforms and work together as a set of branding elements or on their own with other static forms of content. Like all branding, there should be guidelines to follow when using them and when creating these rules it is very important to cover a wide range of applications.

Benefits of animating your brand

There are many benefits to animating your branding. It allows you to communicate with more emotion, this lets you really showcase your brands personality and connect with your audience. It makes you stand out by being eye catching and evoking a stronger emotion towards your brand. Having a library of brand elements that you can use helps keep all your content and assets consistent both internally and externally.

Why choose me

I want to help. I want you to smash your goals. I take the time to understand your business, your objectives and your audience. I don’t try to pretend I’m an expert in your field. We work together to create branding animations that reflects your brand. I’m flexible with budget and transparent in the way I work. Keeping you in the loop throughout the process so everyone knows the state of the project.

"Absolutely great service and exactly what I was looking for thank you. Will definitely recommend you to others!"

The Travelling Ergonomist

"Amazing, thanks Ben. These look great, the client likes them too and says to pass on their thanks to you!"

TH Creative

My Process

Whilst every branding project is different, this is a rough outline of how the process normally goes:

• I start by understanding your business and it's values. This helps me translate those into graphics.

• We plan what graphics and videos are required and use cases for them to make sure you have all the assets you need to help your business grow.

• We then create a moodboard or use your existing branding so that we have a guide to follow and this should represent your brands personality and values.

• I send over an asset pack with all the assets rendered for different uses sorted into folders with clear names for how and when to use each.

Ready To Talk?

Whether you're all planned out with a branding plan ready to go or need some help in choosing the best path. We can talk about creating the perfect brand package for your business.

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