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Animated explainer videos

The purpose of explainer videos are to educate. They help explain complex subjects with ease using graphics and abstract representations to visually communicate any topic or ideology to the viewer. They can be part of a course, embedded on your site or part of an email campaign. Explainers are great for making your business stand out and is perfect for mobile viewers.

Creating a quality explainer video

A quality explainer animation communicates strongly with its indented audience. It uses their language and is as complex or as simple as the user needs. A good explainer video is also well paced, giving time for the viewer to digest information. This is reflect in all aspects of the video form motion design to the script itself. It has to have the perfect balance of form and function.

Benefits of an animated explainer

An explainer video helps people understand faster and and with greater retention. A growing number of people find it much more engaging to watch a video than read text but an explainer can also sit alongside text. They are easy to share and can be posted easily across the web which increases the reach to help build and showcase your brands visual identity. The contents of the video can be split up, changed into another format or expanded upon to generate more content for your audience. A hidden bonus is with SEO benefits of adding an explainer video to a webpage can have.

Why choose me

I want to help. I want you to smash your goals. I take the time to understand your business, your objectives and your audience. I don’t try to pretend I’m an expert in your field. We work together to create an explainer video that both educates the viewer and reflects your brand. I’m flexible with budget and transparent in the way I work. Keeping you in the loop throughout the process so everyone knows the state of the project.

"Thanks Ben - The explainer video is perfect and feedback from the team is it's great! I just need the final files then I can start my campaign!"


"Had a chat with the guys and the storyboard has gone down really well. They are loving your work so much! Thanks again Ben, can't wait to see the finished video."

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My Process

Whilst every video is different, this is a rough outline of how the process normally goes:

• Learning more about your business, goals and purpose for the video to make sure you get the most from the final result.

• I work with you to edit a script using your unmatched knowledge of the topic which I can understand at a basic level but don’t pretend to be an expert like yourself. The dynamic works quite well as it can be hard to explain complex subjects to viewers who maybe new to the topic.

• Next we research visual styles which fit your brand, the topic and is best suited to aid the explanation. This isn't set in stone as it's just used as a guide for when creating the storyboard. I create this based on the script whilst taking into account the visual style.

• Once the storyboard is complete I create final style frames which represent the visual design. This involves creating assets like 3D models or illustrations. I can also get any voiceover that may be needed recorded.

• I create the animation based on the voiceover and style frames before adding any audio and mixing the levels.

• I send over the final high resolution render as well as any project files.

Ready To Talk?

Whether you're all planned out with a storyboard ready to go or need some help in choosing the best path. We can talk about creating the perfect animation for your business.

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