Speedlines After Effects Preset


Create flexible speedlines in just a few clicks. Can be used for backgrounds, displacement maps, overlays or whatever your creativity can think of.

The easy to use controls let you change color, speed, number of lines, angle, scale, wiggle, from center, glow and more. What's best is that all these properties can be animated! Mix and match to create unique effects that allow you to use the preset over and over again!

Video Tutorial

Works with After Effects CC. May not be compatible with older versions (CS6 and below).

By installing the software, you agree to the following.
1.) You may use the software in commercial project and personal project.
2.) You may not re-distribute the software by any means, for free, or for a fee.
3.) You may not alter the software for re-distribution.
4.) I make no warranty that the software will meet your requirements or operate your specific conditions of use. I make no warranty that operation of the software will be secure, error free, or free of interruption.

I don't provide any official user support for this small tool (I try to help where I can). I'm just a freelance animator, not a plugin developer. Thanks for understanding and enjoy!

Drop me a line at ben@ben-newton.co.uk or follow me on Instagram.