See how I think and work by reading some of these stories. I cover a range of topics from motion to marketing. Each story has its own style and design making each one its own unique experience. Learn about my process, tips & tricks and how to get the most out of motion graphics.

What does a motion designer do?

In its basic form a motion designer creates animations. But it's much more complex than that. different designers do different thing. Pretty obvious right. So within that different motion designer also do different things.

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The Ever Changing Impact Of Digital Adverts

The internet has become hungry for our attention. After all, it's how some of the largest tech companies make their money. But how does it affect the consumer? How has the evolution of online advertising impacted how we view not only the web, but the world we live in?

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Creating Storyboards That Anyone Can Understand

Planning and storyboarding is super important. It's the backbone to your video. It lets you quickly develop and tweak ideas whilst easily communicating them with people involved in the project.

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Marketing With Motion

Motion graphics are another great way to extend your messaging and align all of your marketing assets. The customisability of animation means the visuals you create can match the message that you're promoting while aligning perfectly with your brand.

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