What does a motion designer do?

In its basic form a motion designer creates animations. But it's much more complex than that. different designers do different thing. Pretty obvious right. So within that different motion designer also do different things. Some specialise in 3D or VFX whilst others enjoy working with characters or illustrations. I'm going to start by quickly explaining my process of a basic motion project so take this with a pinch of salt as not all motion designers do this.

So the first thing I do is understand why we are creating the animation? What it's purpose? What do you want it to achieve? This helps keep the design focused to that goal. If you know the answers to these question then that's great! But if not I can work with you to strategise and create an objective and distribution plan for the animation.

Once we have the purpose and distribution plan I can start planning the animation. This includes creating a moodboard, storyboard and other planning documents. Then we discuss these and make any necessary changes. Next is artworking. Creating all the graphics that are required for the animation. Then it's animation time. I get busy bringing the graphics to life before adding the final touches of music and sound effects to complete the project.

So that's a quick overview of my process but what else does a motion designer do?

Well animations can take many forms. Social posts, logos, adverts, campaign assets and many many more. So with this in mind we always keep an eye on trends in motion, tools and distribution techniques. This let's us be ahead of the game when a new platform is growing or allows for a new video format.

We pay close attention to movement when animating to create connected, fluid motion throughout the project. We learn about and understand the emotions connected with movement and how we can evoke specific emotions with motion. We also tend to be multi-disciplined and have a wide range of design skills that we rely on when creating our animations. This can include skills like videography, photography, illustration, graphic design and audio editing.

So it should be clear now that motions designer do a lot more than just make things move. I hope you learned something new about the world of motion.

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